New album released on Substream/Mareld. Release date: 2014-11-10

With one of the most complex and skillfully crafted electronica albums we have heard - we proudly introduce Swedish electronica maestro Fredrik Öhr! The album offers brilliant songwriting, beautiful melodies, harmonies and vocals, in an absolutely amazing experimental production, that we just can't get enough of

- Substream/Mareld -

Reviews: Igloo Magazine

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Fredrik Öhr: computer, synths, piano, vocals, some flute, guitar and percussion

My Engström Renman: Vocals (The Big Sleep)

Martin Karlsson: Guitar (The Big Sleep)

Emil Lundaahl: Guitar (Into the Deep and Messages from Home)

Tobias Livheim: Vocals (Lost Direction)

Stefan Lundaahl: Guitar Drones (Lost Direction)

Maralmaa Enkhtuul and Enkhtuul Batchuluun: Spoken Words (Messages from Home and Into the Deep).


Album Cover by Brad Sharp