V/A Mareld 101 (Mareld, 2015)

A hundred releases in a little under six years.

The Mareld label has had an amazing journey so far and even though we have no intention of stopping,

we thought we'd take a moment to reminisce. Fourty beautiful pieces of electronica by as many amazing artists: enjoy!

- Mareld -

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Substream Likes Vol. 5 (Substream, 2015)

In this, the fifth Substream Likes compilation, we are introduced to 17 incredible indie,

electro pop and electronica artists from across the globe. We suggest you spend

the next hour or so checking out the album from beginning to the end!

- Substream -

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Waypoint (Interchill Records, 2014)

Waypoint explores beyond genre specifics into an expansive listening experience,

encompassing a wide perspective of chilled out sounds. Favouring contrast over similarity,

this compilation inspires as it carries the listener on a sonic voyage through exquisite musical landscapes.

- Interchill Records -

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Reviews: Sun is Shining Dub n ChillCustom Shop Records, Psyamb

Ooze: Dream Flash EP (Aleph Zero Records, 2012)

Released as a preview to the double album Where the Fields Never End: Revisited.

Dream Flash contains a brand new original track from Ooze coupled with a remix from Fredrik Ohr.

- Aleph Zero Records -

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 Reviews: Igloo Magazine

Elysian Vibes Vol. 5 (One World Music, 2011)

Bringing together atmospheric grooves, hypnotic vocals and down-tempo beats like previous instalments in the series before it,

‘Elysian Vibes 5’ gives us a much needed escape from the chaos of busy daily life.

- One World Music -

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Digital Singles vol. 2 (Aleph Zero Records, 2009)

The second volume in the Digital Singles series aimed at giving Aleph Zero fans access to fresh tracks coming from our artists' studios in between projects;

To more unconventional creations from them; And to material that was originally licensed to other labels or projects.

- Aleph Zero Records -

E-flyer with samples of all songs

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The highly anticipated Elysian Vibes 3 has arrived and follows on from the success of Elysian Vibes volumes 1 & 2.
Created by One World Music's DJ/Producer Leigh Wood, Elysian Vibes 3 surrounds the listener with smooth progressive beats
and lush vocals to help create a chilled, therapeutic environment.
 - One World Music -
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Eco-Zen (One World Music, 2008)

Eco-Zen is all about re-connecting with the world around us.

Promoting the challenging message that for too long we’ve been over-stimulated,

blinded and numbed by a frenetic swirl of images and messages that assault us everywhere we go in our daily lives.

- One World Music -

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Earth Octave Lounge Vol. 2 (Interchill Records, 2006)

Earth octave lounge volume 2, the long awaited follow up compilation to the original 2002 release,

seamlessly traverses through a collection of lush lounge moods and global ambient gems.

- Interchill Records -

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Green Instant (Clima Records, 2004)

This first level is a mixture of down beats and intelligent Electronic dubs.

Green instant is a fine selection of popular producers and new talents.

- Clima Records - 

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